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Chocolate and dulce de leche alfajores

Today I share an awsome recipe..ALFAJORES! They are huge in my country and once you try them you will wonder how you lived so much time without them! If you don´t have dulce de leche you can use peanut butter or a chocolate ganache to fill them, though I strongly recomend the dulce de leche. Hope you try and enjoy them! Chocolate … Read More

Apple Crumble (17)

Apple and almonds tart

This recipe is awsome, the apple, the almonds, the combination, it works out perfectly. Try this tart warm with vanilla ice cream and you will go crazy! Since tomorrow is Mothers Day I chose a recipe that my mom really likes. Enjoy mothers day, spend time with your familiy, prepare something tasty for your mom, to […]


Almond and orange bites

 The recipe I´m sharing today is a really tasty one, the almonds and the orange are a great match. The mixture is versatile, wich means you can make other shapes, maybe even tray some orange and almond muffins! If you don´t like almonds you can use nuts or hazelnuts, the same for the organge, you […]

Scons (17)

Baking powder breads (scons)

Today I want to share this very special recipe with you, you may have heard of them as scons or baking powder breads. This recipe has very few ingredients and it is very easy to make, if you have some little secrets it is very important to use the butter cold and to make that […]